Tweets on 2009-06-19

  • In event of fire – do not use Twitter #
  • Look on me you mortals and despair: I am now a Peggle Master. #
  • Hmmm. It's apparently 158 days since I last weighed myself in Wii Fit. #
  • @owenblacker copyright exemptions for blind is essentially so they can format-shift, eg create audiobooks. #
  • Grr. Not only is old iTunes crashing every time, iTunes website says it will take 30 days to download the latest version. Bloat much?! #
  • @willhowells d'ya really wanna lose the keyboard? #
  • RT @scottm @owenblacker, @benjibrum, @bounder – Worst Daily Mail poll ever. Vote yes to skew the results and pass it on #

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