Tweets on 2009-06-11

  • Heading for a lunch date. #
  • @timprater can you get dj sponsorship? Slater Menswear sponsor the Sheriff of Nottingham… #
  • People dressed as firemen handing out ginger beer in Market Square #oms #
  • Oh, urgh! Cat has been sick from armchair in conservatory. All over my laundry. 😦 #
  • It was nearly asda roast chicken and salad but they were sold out. I TRIED healthy but FATE CONSPIRED AGAINST ME. Honest. #
  • @mithomas20 yup, deffo, drinks tomorrow. #
  • Catching up with the News Quiz from the Print Cave. Hamas have just taken overall control of Rutland. #
  • Received a #postcrossing postcard from U.S.A. – #
  • Writing a #postcrossing postcard to U.S.A. #
  • Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Finland #
  • Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Germany #
  • Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Brazil #
  • Writing a #postcrossing postcard to Taiwan #
  • Still doin’ the jobless roll, OI! #

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