Tweets on 2009-06-08

  • @kayray I played Spore for hours, but it wasn’t very rewarding. The final space stage, wtf? Didn’t win that. Not a patch on Civ. #
  • Heading off for election counting in Nottingham. I’m the only Lib Dem with the power to insist on a recount. Unlikely to be doing so. #
  • @artesea us too. #
  • @artesea I think Election Commission pay wages for counting staff and returning officers? #
  • @lordbonkers I’m hoping for another Gore Vidal moment, “I don’t know who you are!” #
  • This election programme on News24 is just awful! Enough! #
  • Oh is that Chris Byrant on Sky News? Not sure I recognise him with his clothes on. #
  • News coming in that East Mids results may be delayed by recount in Hinckley and Bosworth. #
  • Eek. R/o just called Wales a region. #
  • @lordbonkers counted/announced only at local authority level not constituency. #
  • Finkelstein calling events good news for Michael Foot as he is no longer the worst Labour leader in history. #
  • Very sad backdrop to Plaid spokes on Beeb – caretakers tidying away empty chairs whilst alarming eyebrows wiggle. #
  • Very melancholy backdrop to Plaid Cymru spokes on Beeb – caretakers tidying away empty chairs whilst alarming eyebrows wiggle. #
  • Finally, the East Mids results. BND back in. That Jury Team kid looks like he’s struggling to hold back tears. #
  • So… is it possible to get a spreadsheet of Euro results without installing Silverlight? #
  • @owenblacker have been sent this data link but can’t make it work: #
  • No-one I’ve spoken to re my broken tooth seems bothered. “Come in when you can” is this a routine occurrence? No hurry if it doesn’t hurt. #
  • @owenblacker but presumably if Emids is there the rest are too by amending the URL a bit? #
  • Walking to work. Something I should do much more often. #
  • No doubt massively over-rewarding my exercise with calories. #

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