Tweets on 2009-06-06

  • National projected voteshare on BBC News – LD up 3% on 28%, Tory on 38% down from 44%, Labour lowest ever on 23% and a wopping 11% Other #
  • Here in my control room on sofa with (eee)pc, beeb news, mobile, and increasingly bad tempered Bond villain style cat. #
  • @TomattheChad excellent service, watching you closely. #
  • @libdems @NottsCC is also useful, but hasn’t yet had the results from the hopeful LD gains #
  • Received a #postcrossing postcard from Italy – #
  • Received a #postcrossing postcard from Canada – #
  • Lib Dems on #Notts County Council looking at gains: already got to as many as previously with lots of our contests still to declare. #
  • @TomattheChad BBC News just called Notts County as NOC, that’s not official yet is it?? #
  • @alanfleming think most of the losses are West Country, where it’s certainly a bit scary. #
  • RT @CatAllenUk: Jason Zadrozny has spectacularly called on Ashfield MP Geoff Hoon to resign as he took the seat for Sutton North. #
  • Tories gain control of Notts CC. It’s tipping it down with rain. Coincidence? I think not. #
  • Election’s over. Now I need a new excuse to put off dieting. #
  • Grr. This isn’t just rain. It’s Tory torrential rain! #
  • @jonball verification should be face up except for euros. #
  • Ooh. That’s a weird feeling. I think I just lost half a molar. #
  • RT @damianbenner The #libdems have taken Hull, Liverpool and Bristol. Is this some sinister strategy to first control the ports? #
  • If only everyone was helping vital pollinating insects thrive. I say – give bees a chance. #
  • Where’s the download button gone from BBC iPlayer website? #
  • @USElaine far from it – they had some of the strangest abuses – moat cleaning, duck houses and the like. Somehow it seemed not to matter. #

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