Tweets on 2009-06-03

  • “the Liberal Democrats […] gave consistently strong answers to our questions” (on science) #
  • Dropping leaflets off. Listening to radio. Thinking “interesting question” but lost in thought before answer came. #
  • @mawawa Nottingham’s Lib Dem candidates for Europe: see also #
  • Nottingham’s Lib Dem candidates for Europe: see also and #
  • Dismantling roomba. #
  • Urgh. Cat hair caught in grease around cogs that drive brushes. #
  • Reassembling roomba. #
  • @miketd for a few horribly confused hours, I thought you’d recently interviewed Danny la Rue. #
  • Roomba happily chuntering around the downstairs and working a great deal better than before. Spookily appears to have learned to open doors #
  • People struggling with poster: are you downloading it to your computer then re-uploading it to your twitter account? If so, dunno woss wrng #
  • Maybe we’re not more neighbourly than we used to be? #
  • Did someone forget to order the sun today? #

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