Tweets on 2009-05-31

  • @iaindale you #justdoit and hope people catch on. Or do behind scenes work to help it catch on. #
  • Today’s unsubstantiated Telegraph story: “Watch out Tories, it’s those Labour-loving Lib Dems again!” An election coming? #
  • @willhowells Football you say? I hadn’t noticed. #
  • Ah the delights of summer. Wandering down the freezer aisle to feel the coolth on your shorts-clad legs. #
  • “Never apply bbq lighting gel to hot coals.” squirt-squirt-squirt. FOOM! #
  • – Getting ready to make industrial quantities of Lemon Curd to sell at tomorrow’s Green Fest. #
  • – 31052009049 #
  • Eek. A pound of sugar and 6 eggs only makes 2 jars. Am going to have to increase the quantities. #
  • – Take the juice and zest of eight lemons… #
  • Now the Sunday Telegraph is claiming Lab and LD to do a deal. Source? Erm…, The Telegraph… #
  • Wow, a Euro endorsement from the Observer “Lib Dems have a record of taking minority stands that are later vindicated” #
  • – Lib Dems – coming atcha from the wonky gazebo #
  • – Sold all but two pots of the lemon curd in the first hour. #

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