Tweets on 2009-05-24

  • @adamrio as ever, bits of Liverpool look stunning, while other bits of Liverpool are struggling and boarded up. #
  • Nottingham gets the Manhattan treatment: #
  • Headline says opposite of story in this Evening Post article: #
  • @adamrio isn’t it fleet week in NY? #
  • @adamrio the photos certainly look good…? #
  • Really enjoying this photoset of a hot air balloon ride over Nottingham and Wollaton Park #
  • Doing my little “I’m in @libdemvoice ‘s Golden Dozen” dance: #
  • Brave time for @margaretmoranmp to join twitter. #
  • Following a birthday party on twitter thanks to the magic of hashtags. #
  • @thoroughlygood – I quite agree. Not sure labelling cheese is necessary, though? #
  • Cracking open a bottle from recent French trip. Enjoying the fraîcheur de réglisse. Not promising to consomme avec modération. #
  • Switching mouse hands in an effort to stave off scroll-wheel related RSI. And limiting my solitaire time. #

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