Tweets on 2009-05-17

  • @markpack are they .jaypgs? #
  • Mark V’s question: Q What do Bahrain, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Japan, Nigeria and Suriname have in common? A #
  • @mithomas20 Only just finished my leaflets! But I had a break over lunch for ringing’n’rain. #
  • @markpack the joke was a felicitous coincidence I doubt will reoccur. #
  • I will not be tweeting #eurovision because I did that last year and actually found it hard to keep up. #
  • What is #twumpet? #
  • Yay, no nul points for us! #
  • Ooh a progress bar! How geeky. #Eurovision #
  • Blimey, sacrily bad showing for Germany. #Eurovision #
  • Actually, Graham Norton has not been as bad as I feared. #eurovision #BringBackTerryWogan #
  • @stephentall Germany really was robbed. #
  • Where can we find the Eurovision final scores online… anywhere??? #
  • @willhowells Ah. You can now. You couldn’t when I asked and was all important for correctly awarding trophy. #
  • @madamemish, so there’s only one, and Bill Bailey has it? No wonder straight men struggle to find it. #
  • @adamrio – That’s pretty impressive. #

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