Countdown swears

Last night, I watched Question Time, and found it profoundly depressing. Then fired up the Virgin box to see what was interesting on iPlayer and 4OD. Firstly there was Extended HIGNFY, which was fun (not least for spotting the extra bits, since I’d already watched the shorter version). Then ideas ran short.

By this point P was home, and jokingly, expecting him to object, I fired up an edition of Countdown – previously I had no idea you could get Countdown on 4OD.

We were quickly captivated. I have no idea who the new host is or the numbers-and-letters woman is. Thank heavens for Susie Dent (( my goodness what a woman of mystery – look at the Discussion page on WP – when was she born? Is she married? who knows! )) !

The first numbers and letters game came perilously close to swearing, and you can see pretty much everyone involved struggling not to giggle.

“Please try for better than 5 letters.”


2 comments on “Countdown swears

  1. Kathryn says:

    My favourite bit is hearing you giggle in the background!!

  2. […] saw me giggling at swearwords on Countdown. I also brought you this photoessay from a recent walk I had undertaken around Nottingham’s […]

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