Tweets on 2009-05-12

  • Feeling a bit crumpled today. Can’t remember the last time I ironed anything. #
  • @stuartsharpe @himmelgarten I was more highlighting the spelling of hositing. #
  • Wondering if the lack of a Chief Exec at Full Council means we’ve sacked another one. #
  • Ah no, it seems the CX was just late. #
  • Really pleased Cllr Leon Unczur is going to be Sheriff of Nottingham this year. #
  • Enjoying a subtle barbed speech intro: “Council Leader, ladies and gentlemen…” #
  • @stephenbarker surely tweeting in meetings is only passing notes if someone else is reading them? #
  • @stephenbarker otherwise tweeting meetings is valuable way of engaging public in work of Council. #
  • @stephenbarker you should be listening to the leader when he’s criticising expenditure in your dept #
  • Giving an alarmingly on message quote to Evening Post. #
  • Good lord, Iain Dale wears £75 ties! #
  • RT @ilovetypography: Thank you ILT readers. Win a red Helvetica Moleskine. Just retweet. Announce winner Thursday. #
  • Wondering how many people out there have twitter code words. #

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