Tweets on 2009-05-11

  • Dear god, “Traditional Bride and Groom Just Married Toilet Roll 2pk” ???! #
  • Good grief, the 5th at St Peters is harder work than it need be. #
  • Wahey, I made the LDV Golden Dozen for the second time in my blogging life. Go me. #
  • “It’s BRAHMS! BRAHMS THIRD RACKET!” Apparently there’s some Fawlty Towers I haven’t seen #
  • Glad @willhowells avoided spoilers. The suggestion that there some means presumably we should get on with seeing Star Trek? #
  • @miss_s_b I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. “HUMAN SLAVES! IN AN INSECT NATION! (ah-aaaaah-ahhh-aaah-aaaahhh)” #
  • Enjoying Brum’s Cllr Deirdre Lol #
  • Cllr Deidre Lol: Hats! #
  • Sampling latest batch of home-made vinegar. Incredibly vinegary. Slight odd smell – ketones? #
  • Not sure I’d want to be “hosited on my own petard.” #
  • @miss_s_b am I old enough to read your beards post? #
  • Standard leaflet prob: “Vote Lib Dem on June 4” comes out as “Vote Lib Demon”. #

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