Cat feeding question – vote now!

I'll get you next time, cuckoo

Cat is refusing to eat duck and heart cat food… he’s not eaten since 5pm because he doesn’t like the new flavour of food. He’s frantically demanding food, but won’t eat what he’s got. And there are starving lions in Africa!

So should we (click the answer you want to vote for)
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2 comments on “Cat feeding question – vote now!

  1. Catofstripes says:

    Nearly got the spam protection wrong.

    Poor old cat. You shouldn’t tease him, his nose is probably telling him it’s shit, just like my nose tells me the same whenever I feed the beasts.

    Next week, he’ll probably eat it, but you’ll never buy it again, just in case he doesn’t. Or get another cat, competition for food does wonders.

  2. Serena says:

    As far as he is concerned, you’re very welcome to parcel it up and send it to the starving lions in Africa!

    As Catofstripes says, he may change his mind next week or he may really dislike the taste of it and stick to that opinion. Either way, you aren’t likely to starve him into submission.

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