Tweets on 2009-04-30

  • @adambird I should hope so – according to their promos it takes months to learn to chop vegetables properly. Can’t afford high turnover! #
  • @jamesgraham soyez le bienvenue! bonnes vacances! (PS how busy is the train today?) #
  • @helenduffett bet it’s cold down there too #
  • Staring helplessly at the computer screen unable to work out why the work isn’t doing itself. Bah. Sniffle. Bleurgh. Oink. #
  • Not sure whether I prefer “snoutbreak” or “armagammon” #
  • @onthehour 4 o’clock? Already ? It can’t be! #
  • Wow. “Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg organised the drubbing” according to #BBCr4 headline #ghurka #
  • Nottm MPs Simpson and Palmer amongst Lab #Ghurka rebels. Shame on Heppell and Allen. #
  • @owenblacker Still strangely fond of “snoutbreak” mesen. #
  • @madamemish Speed restrictions, hence need for engineering works. Target is “Nottingham in 90” #
  • @tonytheaker don’t forget a tin opener 🙂 #

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