Tweets on 2009-04-25

  • Saw a poster for Little Shop of Horrors the other day. Ever since, have been humming… Subsequent to the events you have just witnessed… #
  • Similar events in cities across America – / Events which bore a striking resemblance / to the ones you have just seen – began occurring. #
  • Popping into Waterstones for an OS map. The travel floor is calling to the wanderlustful side of me. #
  • @dr_nick – don’t look like anywhere near Soton and Nottingham closes tomorrow! #
  • Spontaneous decision to see Little Shop of Horrors in Nottm before it closer. Seats available in all areas. #
  • Ooh, excellent set. And Sylvester McCoy as Mushnik! #
  • Trying to think of a non-bitchy way of putting it… But who cast the endomorphs? Couldn’t they afford thin actors? #
  • @dr_nick the stage show doesn’t have a happy ending 🙂 the little plants were wireless robots, they did a show of “look no hands” #
  • Everyone coming out humming “Suddenly Seynour.” The full size plant was awesome! #
  • Reading about grid references. Seems I live in SK, one of only 2 100km squares with no coast at all: #

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