Tweets on 2009-03-31

  • Hmm. Today’s afternoon play on R4 is about the Dewey Decimal system… #
  • @markpack There was a certain frisson in trying to remember Dewey codes before the plot revealed them… #
  • Hmm. Intrigued by podcast called “Kill him!” On closer inspection, it’s actually “Kim Hill”. #
  • Off to Birmingham to Be A Councillor. #
  • Wow, how long have you been able to get directly to platform 6 from the main concourse distribution bridge? #
  • Ooh. Burton on Trent is “a gateway to the National Forest.” Just “a” gateway? #
  • Leaving Birmingham New Street station. Don’t thing I’ve ever done that before. #
  • Avoiding Needless Alley. Hoping I’m on track. #
  • Roomful of councillors has made a list of 184 people who’d make good councillors. #
  • Boarding train for Nottingham. At least, train says Derby but guy on platform promises it really means Nottingham. #
  • Two of my three meals today have come from AMT kiosks. #
  • Apparently, today’s UK terror alert status is “Jazz hands”: #
  • @toranika LDV’s 12seconds channel is here: #
  • Scheduling loads of posts for tomorrow on LDV. Making up for two weeks’ silence. #

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