Famous people and cats

A link from B3ta – famous people with cats.

Remarkable how almost all of the famous people’s cats look uncomfortable or unnatural.

We’ve had a party this evening, and Fudge spent most of the evening out hiding from the throng.

But poor Smudge is really under the weather, flaked out on the sofa with barely enough energy to move. He’s just sat there in the middle of the party all night straining to breathe while life goes on around him. Vet visit in the morning to see if owt can be done to make him more comfortable.


Tweets on 2008-12-18

  • @simonrudkin while you’re enjoying your 55wank, I had a 2cup in reply to simonrudkin #
  • Xmas cards in post. Guess the Euro ones won’t arrive in time 😦 #
  • Considering a planning application for the old Odeon site. Lots of letters about this one. #
  • @simonrudkin the application passed. Not entirely sure the Bromley representations were proportionate. in reply to simonrudkin #
  • Rudely awoken by cat deciding to use headboard as a tight rope. #
  • RT @libdemvoice On LDV today – posts about Clegg’s first year, starting with one by Clegg himself: http://tr.im/2f20 #

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Tweets on 2008-12-17

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Tweets on 2008-12-16

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Tweets on 2008-12-15

  • @iaindale you’ve already unwittingly sent one to me 🙂 in reply to iaindale #
  • Oh dear. Recognising the symptoms of early onset manflu. #
  • @iaindale it was @markpack ‘s joke: he put your name as sender on the back of a card. Led to serious wtf moment until I opened it. in reply to iaindale #
  • @markpack are you suddenly in Manchester? http://www.talktalk.co.uk/outages says probs oop north and implies still in business. in reply to markpack #
  • @alanfleming because I am *suffering*. And I like the phrase. And it gives me greater justification for port-based remedy. in reply to alanfleming #
  • Writing a Postcrossing postcard to Finland #
  • Blimey, this port-based toddy is seriously powerful stuff. Better write “Catchup” before drinking the rest. Won’t even be able to stand! #
  • @stephmog milk bottle full of tap warm water is what I use for deicing purposes in those circs. Or, erm, my nectar card. in reply to stephmog #
  • Actually slightly surprised to discover this “bed at normal time / get up at normal time” seems to work. FSVO normal. #
  • @mapkyca interesting pubs in Nottingham – Olde Trip to Jerusalem a must: has caves, good beer, ghosts, myths… triptojerusalem.com in reply to mapkyca #
  • @mapkyca hmmm, however, tonight is Mediaeval banquet nite, so maybe the Salutation might be better in reply to mapkyca #
  • Biggest decision so far this week: tea or coffee for elevenses? #

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Major group excluded from Tangerine Book

You will recall I mentioned last week that I had published a book.

Of the many, many things that had concerned me when I was helping choose the articles was representation. The book contains barely 4% of the articles from LibDemVoice from last year. I’m reasonably sure the blog is reasonably balanced by dint of the sheer volume of articles. We have theists and atheists. Men and women. Gays and nongays. All sorts of people with non-vanilla sexual proclivities inhabit the comments (and are welcome to submit articles). Lib Dems and non -Lib Dems.

Over time, the balance of articles builds up quite nicely.

But when you select a subset of them, you are automatically distorting the balance. I was poring through my lame-joke-filled index wondering whether every major group was fairly represented. Was there some big policy initiative in 2008 we overlooked? A crucial campaign we didn’t cover? Some star of the year we didn’t mention? Some obvious person or body who would pick up the book, turn to the index and think “I’m not in it – but 2008 was all about me!”

My colleagues reassured me that a) we’d covered most of the bases and b) it’s always going to be the case that we miss something and there’s limited value in concerning yourself overly much.

Today, the sad news crosses my desk that we have, indeed missed a major group out from Lib Dem circles.

It should have appeared between these key words in the index:

  • descent, spiralling
  • detention without charge
  • devolution
  • devolved public services
  • disappointment, deferred
  • dreary archipelago
  • drugs
  • Dudley
  • Duffett, Helen

Can you see what it is?

Yes. Dogs.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

Tweets on 2008-12-14

  • @owenblacker are you watching the first *ever* House? Oh, the joys ahead of you! in reply to owenblacker #
  • Zombieing around the house doing last minute prep for the Lib Dem Mince Pie Coffee Morning we’re hosting at 10. Making mulled fruit juice. #
  • Deciding against going down the garden to harvest holly for garnish. Too much rain. And too much cat shit. #
  • Appear to have received a hashtagged Xmas card, but can’t open it while we have guests. #
  • Well, a satisfactory mince pie morning concluded with just a manageable handful of surplus mince pies. They drank all the mulled frut juice #

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Cooking for colds

There was a thread in the gourmet conference about what sorts of things to make to eat when you’re feeling bunged up and under the weather. A sort of feeling like that has definitely been bugging me for the last few days, and last night, after returning home early from a lovely party, I took early to my bed, initially to read, but was overcome by sleep very quickly.

12 hours later, at 9am this morning, I just had to get up, so I volunteered to wrangle the cats when they started to rattle the wardrobe in a quest for food. Normally, they don’t quite believe I am capable of feeding them, since I do less than half of the general cat-tending. This means when we’re both home, they pester P. And when it’s just me, rather than demand food from me, they sit and wait for P to come home, and then pester him. And if I *do* feed them, they somehow manage to overlook the meal they had from me and still pester P when they next get the opportunity.

Anyway, the below-the-weatheriness meant I went back to look at the suggestions for food for colds. They split into two categories: winter warmers, and hot toddies.

The winter warmers were more general tips than actual recipes: add one or more of excessive quantities of chilli, garlic, mustard or ginger to casseroles. Chicken soup with noodles is good on the digestion. Reverting to Heinz Cream of Tomato. Killer quantities of vitamin C also featured amongst the suggestions.

On the toddy front, a few more specific suggestions. Juice a lemon, add an equal amount – or at least two fingers – of whisky, put into a mug with a little honey or sugar, and top up to fill with hot water.

Some favoured adding in root ginger to the process.

But the best suggestion on the toddy front was this one: take two thick slices of lemon, stud with cloves, and put in a pint glass. Half fill with hot, not boiling water and let sit for a minute or two. Fill to the brim with port.

Hmm. Nearly half a pint of port. Hmmm, lovely.

I was so taken by this recipe a few months ago that I prophylactically bought port to keep in store until needed. Only I made the error of sampling it before need, and rediscovering how much I like port. Before I knew it, the first bottle was gone, and the potential prophylaxis effect reduced. Clearly more port was in order, so when I saw an evil supermarket half-price offer on port, I jumped at the opportunity. And bought two bottles.

Reader, only one remains. But fortunately one is enough. It’s now passed midday, I can’t see myself needing to drive today, so I’m going to give the recipe a go.

If I feel like eating today, there’s crusty bread, and veggie soup made from onions, celery, fennel and tomato that I made on Friday between appointments that needs finishing up.