Major group excluded from Tangerine Book

You will recall I mentioned last week that I had published a book.

Of the many, many things that had concerned me when I was helping choose the articles was representation. The book contains barely 4% of the articles from LibDemVoice from last year. I’m reasonably sure the blog is reasonably balanced by dint of the sheer volume of articles. We have theists and atheists. Men and women. Gays and nongays. All sorts of people with non-vanilla sexual proclivities inhabit the comments (and are welcome to submit articles). Lib Dems and non -Lib Dems.

Over time, the balance of articles builds up quite nicely.

But when you select a subset of them, you are automatically distorting the balance. I was poring through my lame-joke-filled index wondering whether every major group was fairly represented. Was there some big policy initiative in 2008 we overlooked? A crucial campaign we didn’t cover? Some star of the year we didn’t mention? Some obvious person or body who would pick up the book, turn to the index and think “I’m not in it – but 2008 was all about me!”

My colleagues reassured me that a) we’d covered most of the bases and b) it’s always going to be the case that we miss something and there’s limited value in concerning yourself overly much.

Today, the sad news crosses my desk that we have, indeed missed a major group out from Lib Dem circles.

It should have appeared between these key words in the index:

  • descent, spiralling
  • detention without charge
  • devolution
  • devolved public services
  • disappointment, deferred
  • dreary archipelago
  • drugs
  • Dudley
  • Duffett, Helen

Can you see what it is?

Yes. Dogs.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice


4 comments on “Major group excluded from Tangerine Book

  1. Jennie says:

    Never mind dogs, what about elephants?

  2. niles says:

    Eek. No entries in index under “elephant”, “Millennium” or “pachyderm”

    This is disgraceful, not least in the context of how much time I spent at Federal Conference trying to program google ads so that if you searched for “pachyderms for justice” you got a link to LDV.

  3. Pink Dog says:

    You are clearly two-leggist.

  4. Matt Wardman says:

    Having just done my review, I thought it felt light on Welsh and Scottish – but that could just be me not knowing the ground.

    Enjoyable. Would have preferred a bit more of it.Ma

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