Tweets on 2008-12-25

  • Eek, is getting dark – I have to clean the car (a bit) #
  • @helenduffett the INSIDE of the car which is unfortunately lit up by magic lighty things. in reply to helenduffett #
  • V disappointed with performance of hoover in car, and worried by damp bits. All sorts of finds, tho: 1,000s leaflets, 48 tins cat food… #
  • And have spoken to neighbours more whilst cleaning car on Xmas eve than more or less for the whole of the rest of the year! erk. #
  • Wrestling with GPS gadgetry #
  • Oh, lordy, please spare me having to listen to Christmas with Boney M again #
  • @jonxyz An hour playing World of Goo demo… hard to call that time wasted, really 🙂 in reply to jonxyz #
  • @kayray Does Santa have Wii Points? Wolrd of Goo is v v good. in reply to kayray #
  • Bah Humbug. Dean of Peterborough looks like Peter Griffin in a chasuble. #
  • @helenduffett who gets to be Rudolph? in reply to helenduffett #
  • Burning CDs for car journey tomorrow. #
  • Waking at inopportune moment in dream. #
  • Dealing with the gifts from the cats. A turd? For me? You shouldn’t have. #
  • Very long queue for only working coffee machine at Cherwell Valley Cathedral of Despair. #

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