World of Goo

World of Goo is just amazing! Friends were playing it on t’Wii the other day whilst the rest of us were playing boardgames (struggling with the complexity of Power Grid, winning it large in Diamant, not quite getting around to Pit, Perudo featured also too as well) and all I noticed about World of Goo then was its name.

Then I started to see the name elsewhere, so downloaded it on the Wii to see what the fuss is about.

It’s amazing. It reminds me very slightly of Lemmings – the idea is to solve puzzles using simple rules to get balls into a pipe. That sounds dull, but it really isn’t. It’s amazing. There are lots of different types of goo balls, which sing, cheer, make funny noises. They float, stretch, stick, fix, pop and more.

And now when I close my eyes I can see gently oscillating agglomerations of balls wafting gently before my eyelids.

It’s not just a Wii game, it’s on PC and Mac too, and you can either buy it on a disc in a shop, or pay and download it from their website.

The really great thing is there is a huge demo – the entire first quarter – available for free. I imagine this is because it’s difficult to explain just how brilliant a game is – once you’ve played the first levels, you’re sure to want to fork out 1500 Wii points or $19.99 for the full game. Download it! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

The gameplay is unique, the design is superb, the music is actually… moving and stirring. I can’t praise this game enough!

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One comment on “World of Goo

  1. niles says:

    PS. Stuck on “Red Carpet” level. Know what to do, but can’t make it do it. Bah.

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