Tweets on 2008-12-21

  • @owenblacker follow @markpack for a daily crepuscular bulletin in reply to owenblacker #
  • Onward with the bumper weekend of festive fun. Off to the Playhouse for this year’s panto. #
  • Bus in Angel Row has an alarm and is saying “This bus is under attack. Please dial 999” in a Nottingham accent. #
  • Widow Twankee just announced the Strictly result to a horrified audience! #
  • Making an incredibly evil dessert to take with me to festive gathering tomorrow: mince pie / stollen Queen of Puddings… #
  • @martinjansen kann Songbird Podcasts sorgen und auch mit iPod arbeiten? in reply to martinjansen #
  • Oh dear. CHF Kitty more or less better from latest bout, and now… UTI Kitty seems to be symptomatic again. 😦 #
  • Plastic box containing evil dessert sitting on stairs. Cat sniffed it and took a big leap backwards. #

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