Aha – suppress a category in feed

For a while I’ve been importing blog posts into Facebook automatically. I’ve also been importing Tweets automatically into Facebook updating my status.

This has meant, since I started automatically making blog posts of tweets, that I have been importing tweets into Facebook twice – as they go in statuses, and again every morning as an imported note.

I have now learned how to suppress an entire category from appearing in a feed.

So, if you would like to subscribe to my blog without receiving the daily Twitter post, use this address:


Whereas if all the tweeting doesn’t bother you, use this:


Next to learn… how to use Feedburner to combine my postings here with my postings on Lib Dem Voice (


) into one handy feed to present to Facebook…

Thanks to Perishable Press for the skillz.


One comment on “Aha – suppress a category in feed

  1. Oscar says:

    Great tip. I use this regularly. I use the feedburner site as well to actually serve it.

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