Tweets on 2008-11-24

  • Ticking three things off the to-do list before 9.30am and still on time for 9.45 meeting. #
  • Ok, ok. List was 1 collect parcel from PO, 2 Take letters to suffers 3 buy catfood #
  • Eek. Sleet. #
  • I’m supposed to be taking leaflets to deliverers, but don’t think I’ll be welcomed with open arms in the dark, the cold and the sleet. #
  • Buying a lovely calendar for 09 from friends who are smallholding in Sweden. Grumbling about Lulu shipping costs 😦 #
  • Zipping the fleece back into my coat. Can hardly feel the c-c-cold. #
  • Watching IT Crowd. What’s Roy’s t-shirt say at the union of “music you like / music I like”? #

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