Tweets on 2008-09-21

  • Heading off to a Fire&Rescue training day with a simulated critical incident involving other emergency services on a deserted RAF base. #
  • So, it turns out, deserted airstrips are harder to find than you’d think. #
  • Mobile scientific support identify haz mat. It’s flour. They warn there is an unidentified biological component. I’m guessing wheat. #
  • Observer: “Voters prefer Tory policies to the Labour alternative by a margin of almost two to one” Eh? What policies? #
  • Firing up Firefox to watch a video because they seem to have stopped working in Chrome. Remembering how much I liked my plugins. #
  • @psychobel Go the erm, reds? Or are they the black and white stripey ones? #
  • @markpack it’s lower case at the top of the page… #
  • @helenduffett Indeed – eg Liberal Tweets in title case, but sending a tweet in the middle of a sentence. #
  • Cought, cough, cough, cough, ow, cough cough. #

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