Photo meme

Blame Neil.

  • Take a picture of yourself right now.
  • Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair… just take a picture.
  • Post that picture with NO editing.
  • Post these instructions with your picture

Visibly suffering from manflu

It took rather a while to take a pic I was happy with, but the instructions don’t rule out more than one pic. The others were – technically wrong, ie zoomed too far in, or with a deeply unpleasant or stupid expression. This is late this evening – I have slept much today, knocked on about 50 doors to consult people about their local park, and played with the internet for hours. I think I look like I feel – a bit under the weather, having picked up some sort of flu bug from a fellow delicates [sic] at conference.

Since I found this, I’ve also found a chain of people I know doing it on Flickr too: ramtops, catofstripes and mym

Found several interesting things on the camera while I was doing that, tho:


A couple of interesting but scary bugs that came to play with a mug left outside one day last year. The photo has been sitting on the camera every since.


These are a whole host of caterpillars that came in with some rose prunings that looked to pretty to throw away. Interestingly, the caterpillars all stayed together – they’d munch one leaf pretty much bare and then migrate en masse onto another and munch that.


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