Tweets on 2008-09-02

  • Sorely tempted to cook the pizza in the fridge, but remembering that it’s nearly 4am. #
  • Hating Facebook: wretched events thing, wretched random sorting of people, wretched arbitrary limits on invites… #
  • Oh my – that’s some serious weather coming out of the sky right now. #
  • @meryl_f Attic insulation – make sure they lay it down properly if you want to carry on using it for storage! #
  • Eep, now it’s raining hard enough to set off car alarms #
  • Switching to Google Chrome to see what fuss is about. Instantly missing status bar, and plugins for weather, twitter and ad blocking. #
  • Itching to make LibDemVoice branded biros or something, but not convinced it’s a good use of my money or their money. #
  • @jamesgraham don’t think I’m patient enough for that! Looking for some sort of cheap merch that you use by your computer. #
  • @markpack would love to be running the sort of schmooze operation where I can spend £1500 on chocolate, but for now… #
  • @markpack and those USB thingies – nowhere gives prices, which makes me worry a little. #
  • @owenblacker yeah, liking @FakeSarahPalin v much #
  • Finally finishing Christmas cake #

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