Oh my god, they killed Twitter!

An email arrives essentially telling me that the folks behind Twitter have finally realised they can’t afford to continue sending millions of text messages out for free. Although they have come to some arrangements with mobile phone carriers in other countries, the UK number has been removed from service with immediate effect. You can still send messages to it, but it will no longer send any messages back to you.

This pretty effectively kills Twitter the way I’ve been using it for the past few… years? Months? I imagine the thing I’ve been doing on this blog will continue, but it will be much harder to use it to communicate instantly. One of the good points has been the fairly instant replies you get to questions and jokes from the random set of people who follow you and you follow.

You can still get at the twitter data using either a mobile phone web browser or a third party app like Cellity, but that does take away the simplicity. I don’t suppose my mother’s mobile phone could do either, for starters. And for me, there will no longer be that constant stream of updates – I regularly get through my allowance of 250 messages a week. Life will be much quieter without the constant phone chirp.

And it rather detracts from our plans to have an instant messaging service at Lib Dem Conference too. That’s a shame – it would have been pretty cool.

EDIT: the rant continues here.

5 comments on “Oh my god, they killed Twitter!

  1. Craig McGill says:

    Niles, don’t you think you’re being a bit melodramatic here? For a start people who want to get in touch with you still can via normal SMS and so on.

    Secondly, there’s nothing to stop people getting a 3G dataplan or wifi enabled phone – and given your advocacy, I’m sure your ward could take the lead in setting up more hotspots or phone masts – and there’s nothing to stop you still doing a SMS service at the conference, it’s just going to cost you money, but you can’t moan about Twitter stopping something for financial reasons and then not do it yourself for the same reason, especially when Lib Dem finances are probably in a better state than Twitter’s.

  2. Alan Fleming says:

    You could get a phone where you could use Twitter via the phone’s web browser, or get an iPhone, where there are a number of Twitter applications…

  3. joshuatly says:

    in my opinion, if like this, it is no point using twitter anymore!
    Planning to change to local one!
    Im in malaysia, any suggestion?

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