QR codes

QR code of http://www.alexfoster.me.uk/The nerd in me was very interested to read about QR codes on Martin Tod’s blog.

A bit of tinkering around, and I’ve found a program my Nokia e65 can use to read the 2-dimensional barcodes, and a website where I can generate the barcodes, and I’m away.

Happily, the barcode reader can also read the Data Matrix format, so I’m not tying myself to one format in a Betamax moment. Irritatingly, QuickMark makes a noise whenever it has successfully decoded something. It’s a good job you can turn that off.


Nottingham University’s new sculpture

It’s up! They’ve put the new sculpture in place ages ahead of the opening ceremony on Bastille Day (which unfortunately clashes with Full Council.)

I wrote about the new buildings a few months ago.  I haven’t been to take a pic myself of the new statue, but you can find one on Flickr here.

I quite like it.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like at night – it’s apparently lit up – and I will find an excuse to do a drive-by soonish.

Nottingham North’s MP Graham Allen wrote to the planning committee to commend it, when it came before us for planning permission a few months ago.  He not only liked that, but wanted half a dozen more 60m high statues in various places across the city.  Connected by LASER BEAMS!!!!

It’s hard to imagine Graham Allen as a Bond villain.

Tory billboards in Henley

Iain is getting uppity about a person putting a Lib Dem stakeboard on her flat in Thame.

I hope he’s getting similarly uppity about the countless dozens of Tory boards erected in grass verges around the constituency.

Putting them in farmers’ fields, with the farmers’ permission, is one thing.  But putting them on the grass verges, which are Council or highways land, is quite another, in my view.

PS, isn’t it interesting the shopkeeper is prepared to nail their colours to the mast one way or another? A clear sign the constituency is teetering on a knife-edge and could go either way.

Bad timing

Oh dear – it’s the middle of the night again, and I’m still on the internet instead of being in bed. I have to get up early tomorrow to get things done, and it’s looking like that won’t happen now. (It’s hardly as if I control these things, y’know!)

Happily I have been spending my time on the internet productively and wisely. I have been reading about the Great British Duck Race.

And also marvelling at what people around the world eat. Italians – lots of bread.  Germans – lots of beer. Americans – an awful lot of things in incredibly bright packaging. Mexico – how much coke?! And so on through different ethnicities down the page until you get to the family living in a camp in Chad with small sacks of lentils and a big plastic bottle of water.

I dread to think what my current diet would look like if you spread out a weeksworth of food on a table. At the moment I am barely cooking at all, and almost everything I’ve eaten in the the last month or more has been bought minutes before eating it.  Garage sandwiches, the worst of excesses from overpriced city-centre lardmongers.  This evening in my short break between meetings, I tried to head to M&S for overpriced prepackaged salad and fruit, but misremembered their opening times and ended up in Starbucks again for an overpriced disappointing croque-monsieur panini (no, really).

Bah.  It’ll all come to an end when I return from Munich Salisbury Bournemouth in the Autumn next year.

Tweets on 2008-06-21

  • Off to Henley for a bit of by-electioneering and a Peruvian barbecue. #
  • Thinking Warwick services is an unlikely place to find the RNLI. #
  • Interested to hear National Rail considering high-speed rail links. #
  • Staining my arm interesting colours delivering newsprint leaflets in Towerley #
  • @rfenwick probably just as effective. Will wave at any train I see. #
  • Mystery package arrives while I’m in Henley. Postmark Swindon? #
  • Reluctantly acquiescing to a brief pub stop before dashing back to HQ for more leaflets. #
  • Bidding a fond farewell to all at by-election HQ and heading off with a final bundle of joy under my arm. #
  • Have turned so many corners on Thame’s answer to Wisteria Lane, i’m no longer sure where I am. #
  • Improvising travel rug poncho #
  • @thoroughlygood wasn’t me this week, sorry! #
  • Ooh, me acheing feet. I really need to get new shoes 😦 #

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