Inclosure walk

aforestforall brings us news of this Sunday’s “Inclosure Walk” around some of the old paths that ring the city centre.  Start at Queens Walk, in the Meadows, and end up in the Arboretum – a gentle 5 miles apparently, taking in a series of grassed, Victorian paths through the city.

Councillors get an invite every year to this walk, and it has been running for a fair while now.  Every time the little map arrives I have thought “ooh, that sounds interesting,” but this is the first year I have actually been available.

And 5 miles will help greatly in my “Marathon in a Month” challenge, which I am lagging behind in and have to complete before I catch the trains to Germany.

One comment on “Inclosure walk

  1. […] year, I said that it sounded interesting, but in the end I chickened out of going on the grounds of torrential rain on the afternoon in […]

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