Tweets on 2008-05-26

  • Getting tweets about rain when it’s still lovely and sunny in Scarborough. #
  • Seriously gorgeous weather in Scarborough, sunlight gleaming off the sea. #
  • I’ve sent you an Orange Photo/Video Message. Go to Your ID is: pf1c3zhtz Your password is: zo0bo6 valid fo … #
  • @willhowells My friend says it starts getting better at episode 4 #
  • @willhowells we’d been talking about X Files anyway because the the themetune was playing in our caff. #
  • @willhowells with David Duchovny’s then girlfriend? And the vampires? We think that one’s OK. #
  • In the back seat of a pedalo on the boating lake of Peasholme Park #
  • Watching the skies cloud over. Striking camp 18 hours early, before the rain hits. #
  • There. Apart from slightly yellowed grass, no sign we were ever here. #
  • Ah. Erm. Right. Car won’t start. AA en route. Hopefully just the battery. #
  • @dr_nick charging phones and listening to radio #
  • Still waiting for AA to show up. Grrr. #
  • Man here, got car started, telling me not to stall for 11 miles! Leaving soon. #

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