Tweets on 2008-05-24

  • Off to investigate what it is outside tent that sounds like a pterodactyl #
  • @willhowells I think @thoroughlygood has already been live-twittering some of the semifinals #
  • @meryl_f not clear what it was – could have been a peacock. #
  • @thoroughlygood have to try leaving copies of Lady Chatterley’s Lover around and see the reaction. #
  • Listening to the adaptation of Dr No – but almost all the pictures in my head are from the film. #
  • @jonxyz lollipop lolly lallies lilies ill … #
  • Nice to see Captain Scarlet singing the Romanian song. #
  • Uk singer seems to have borrowed his costume from Scooch. #
  • Celine Dion walks into a bar and the barman says, “Why the long face?” #
  • My word, Germany have really moved away from last year’s witty wordy song. #
  • Armenia: caligula? #
  • Oh boy, this is quite something from the Bosnians. #
  • “… and now live to witness a homophobic attack from Belgrade city centre” #
  • Hmmm… Liking Israel #
  • Finland bring us Spinal Tap. What is it with the fan special effect? #
  • Do they have more than one stage or do they have to put all that pryotech in place at the start? #
  • Croatia: “nice contest you have here, shame if anything were to happen to it” #
  • Wondering if the shouty guy in the white hat has just wondered out of the street. #
  • Not sure I’d want to be wearing a dress like that round a campfire. #
  • Bit of a wedding theme tonight. #
  • @dr_nick no, we’re in a caravan! #
  • @dr_nick no, Ireland were knocked out in the semi finals. #
  • What is she a student of? Pies? Oh, here comes the fan. #
  • Ooh, pirates. Could have done without this weird bridge. #
  • @willhowells dunno if it’s Chas and Dave or whether this guy thinks he’s the Artful Dodger #
  • Is it Donna from Twin Peaks? #
  • No! No! Bad hunks! Back in your box! I’m about to run out of Twitter messages 😦 #
  • French in English? Again? #
  • You’re letting everyone down. #
  • Konstantsos Pantzis?? #
  • No! Don’t let that bit of her sing! #
  • Robocop? #
  • Is he gonna do the whole song on his knees? #
  • P won’t tell me who he voted for! #
  • So, how many countries, apart from France, will read their results in french? #
  • Just wandered around the site and dozens of caravaners are watching eurovision. #
  • Who was she? #
  • Oh boy, here we go again. #
  • Ooh, Andorra did it in French. #
  • Thank you Ireland for bumping Poland above us. Bah. #
  • Someone take us off the bottom of the table, please! #

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