Tweets on 2008-05-22

  • Striking camp in Glen Coe and plotting a scenic route for Carlisle via Oban, Perth and the Forth bridge. #
  • Was a very windy night and the breeze is still up now. Woke to deer basking on opposite bank of river. #
  • @dr_nick unsmashed lightbulbs should go to your local tip where they will tell you what to do with them. #
  • @dr_nick or they could just go in your residual waste but they can’t go in glass bank. #
  • Lovely lunch in Ben Lora cafe, but not making much progress. May have to warn tonight’s b’n’b we’ll be late. #
  • Gps #
  • Eschewing the Bridge of Awe. #
  • *Still* north of the Firth of Forth. Will we make our b&b in time? Tune in for the next gripping instalment… #
  • @dr_nick our eccentric route, Oban, Perth, Edinburgh, Carlile – we’ve gone coast to coast twice on A roads! #
  • Limited food options in Northunberland at this time of night, so trying to eat takeaway curry off our laps off a country road. #
  • Failing to get wifi to work – and reminding self 10 internet free days is no real hardship. #

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