Tweets on 2008-04-27

  • @willhowells plain mince squished into patties will work, also nice padded with breadcrumbs, herbs, tomato paste, bound together with egg #
  • Today is warm enough to fling wide all the windows and doors and let the house breathe a little. #
  • oh, un-bloody-believable. Seconds after talking about summer, there’s a thunderclap and giant drops of rain falling. #
  • @meryl_f washing all either in conservatory or got tumbled-dry at laundrette yesterday. V eco unfriendly! #
  • Clearly God doesn’t want me to leaflet. Or the neighbours to have their bbq #
  • Hmmm. Smell of wet tree wafting in through my window really makes me want to go camping. #
  • @willhowells Expiry date? Eggs? If they don’t stink when you crack them, they’ll be fine. Unless you wanted poached, which need fresh #
  • Lending old laptop with history to P. "This is the workhorse that helped win by-elections in Leicester and Cheadle" #
  • This is turning into quite some storm. Lightning, thunder, absolutely hammering it down. #

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