Cameron has fewer MPs than Michael Foot

Last night, a link from Alex Wilcock reminded me to look up a speech by Jeremy Browne in which he hammered both the Labour party and the Conservatives, largely about the 10p tax rate.  I wrote about it for Lib Dem Voice here – giving some edited highlights and a link to the full speech in Hansard.

But one jibe stuck with me and this afternoon I’ve been checking the figures:

If the Conservatives cannot stand the relative heat of being a smaller Opposition than Michael Foot was able to muster, they are obviously not quite the Government in waiting, as they have come to style themselves in recent weeks.

So I checked on Wikipedia.  1979 general election: 269 Labour MPs; 2005 general election: 198 Tory MPs.  David Cameron went on to inherit the 2005 cohort, which he still has, give or take the odd defection; Michael Foot inherited the 269 members from the 1979 election, give or take a few by-elections.

Michael Foot went on to write “the longest suicide note in history”, but still won more MPs in 1983 than the Tories have now – 194 according to Wikipedia.

In fact, the Labour party have not had fewer than 200 MPs since 1935 – the Tories have, however, been under 200 before 1997, in 1945.

One comment on “Cameron has fewer MPs than Michael Foot

  1. Good point, and if he continues to lose members…

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