We had a video day with some friends last week, and I made two cakes.

Chocolate Victoria Sponge, with a buttercream and blackcurrant jam filling

Choc Victoria Sponge

And a Coconut-lime drizzle cake. I wanted to make lemon drizzle cake, but couldn’t buy lemons for love nor money on a bank holiday, so got limes and grapefruit and wasn’t sure which would work better. Grapefruit drizzle cake? Lime drizzle cake? Anyway, I googled for recipes, which gave me the idea of adding coconut too. It’s basically a creaming method sponge, with some of the self-raising flour replaced with desecrated coconut, with a syrup of lime juice and sugar poured over it once it’s cooked and cooled.

Coconut lime drizzle cake

Both cakes were well received. We got half of one of them back at the end of the day and left the other half with our hosts. The remainder cake at this end didn’t last too long at all.

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