My new financial advisor

I have a new financial advisor.  He’s two, has four fluffy feet and a trunk.

His current financial tips (at the bottom of the post):

  • Try to spend just a little bit less and save just a little bit more – every penny in a savings account is just that little bit more liquidity for the banking system and we’ll be that little bit closer to getting through this.
  • Now might be the time to see how much money you can save by taking some Green economy measures around the house – check out your insulation and your low energy light bulbs.
  • And if you think your finances are in trouble, try to get some help – the fewer people there are in difficulty the sounder the economy will be.

I guess the idea borne out of Tuesday night’s pub discussions of using what little savings I have to buy a canalboat are Not a Good Idea Right Now.  Turns out proper narrowboats are rather more expensive than I thought, but I could afford to buy something called a “cruiser,” some of which are more than capable of being used for short canal based holidays.  And Nottingham has ready access to some good canals and one of the most navigable rivers in the country.

Of course, leaping into canal boat ownership on a whim without ever having actually been on a canal boat holiday is almost certainly unwise.

Cruiser boats are about the same cost as a couple of other things I’ve been considering buying lately.  Caravans at Butlins in Skegness (I thought it might be an interesting non-standard investment, but I think it would be a lot more hassle than the very small return you might get). And hot air balloons (which would be very interesting, but has more upkeep costs than either a caravan or a boat, in that you would need to get and maintain a special private pilot’s licence).

Interestingly, all three would probably have the side-effect of needing a much bigger car with a tow bar.

2 comments on “My new financial advisor

  1. Rob F says:

    I do suggest going on a canal boat holiday first! If you want to get a Lib Dem possy together, I’d join in.

    I’ve been on two such holidays. First time I nearly drowned, second time I traumatised my parents’ dogs for life. I commend it to you.

  2. Sean Wilson says:

    Vince Cable is pretty good financial safe pair of hands. He writes good articles in the financial trade press.

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