Just felt a terrible earthquake shuddering through the house and setting the whole heating system in motion, with the hot water cylinder behind me shaking alarmingly.

Then nothing.  All went quiet.  No-one out in the street.  A few car alarms going off.  P waking up violently and asking what the hell it was.

Then phone goes off, and for a good twenty minutes, Twitter scooped the 24-hour news channels.  It’s clear that it’s big – I expected to hear from Troubled Diva the other side of town, but to hear from Alan as well – in Manchester – means it’s pretty damn big.  For a while, all the news from Twitter keeps us pretty informed, but before long, it’s on the telly and internet as well.

Here’s my twitter record – not including all the extra ones that come up because I’m tracking whenever anyone anywhere mentions “Nottingham” – and in reverse chronological order.

  • alexfoster   Sky news lady pulled a really funny face when caller mentioned animals, including “ducks in the house”
  • miketd Sky News lady really couldn’t give two shits, could she?
  • miketd 4.7 = “Light”, which is quite boring really:
  • alanfleming Community reporting in:
  • alexfoster Laffing at Sky lady’s face as she tries to be empathetic
  • miketd 4.7 on Richter scale:
  • alexfoster Map on internet says epicentre nr Cleethorpes, felt from York to Bristol + London. Never felt one like that!
  • alexfoster Cats still majorly spooked
  • miketd @alexfoster: Yeah, it was our heating system that did most of the shuddering as well. BBC News and Sky News still saying Midlands only?
  • alanfleming Quake confirmed: 4.7:…
  • alexfoster @miketd we thought our dodgy back wall was falling off. Whole heating system shuddered. Sky News finally reporting.
  • miketd Shall I make everyone a nice cup of cocoa, before we all toddle back off to bed?
  • miketd I thought it was the washing machine going onto spin!
  • miketd @bob: Yeah, fine thanks. Twitter Public Timeline full of reports of the same thing.
  • alanfleming no info yet but report say was felt in London, my guess is 4.7.
  • miketd The “most read” story on the BBC news site is about an earthquake… in Kent… in April 2007. Half the country must be using Search!
  • alexfoster Cripes – twitter suggests the earthquake we just had was felt in Manchester too!
  • miketd K and I still both shaking. I felt it on the ground floor, he felt it two storeys up. FUCK. Never felt anything like that before.
  • miketd WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WAS THAT? I think we’ve just experienced an earth tremor. Whole house shook, alarms going off outside.
  • alanfleming fucking hell – that felt like an earthquake. not small either.

3 comments on “Earthquake!

  1. Zifa says:

    Hey, it’s 2 am here in Bristol, and your time shows 2:44 am: where are you? in UK or not?? I have felt an earthquake just after 1 am. It felt first as if a gust of wind blew and shook the house but then the shaking didn’t stop and I felt really really weird as have experienced a lot of earhtquakes during my childhood in Central Asia. I’ve looked up British Geological Survey web-site and one of their helicorder’s in Swindon registered splahes of activity around that time. However their web-site keeps crashing.

  2. Emma says:

    I felt it in Haverhill, cambridge woke my whole house up totaly freaked us all out and cant sleep now

  3. niles says:

    Yes, in UK, but somehow, the website’s time is wrong.

    Earthquake was here around two minutes before 1am.

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