Art in Nottingham

Two new art galleries are currently under construction in Nottingham – one nearly finished and one still a while off.  They are CCAN, the Centre for Contemporary Arts Nottingham, and the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, which bills itself as the only centre for black art outside London.

Thing is, both have slightly silly names.

A twitter message just arrived which says CCAN is going to be called just “Nottingham Contemporary” which sounds like it has something missing.  And also brings up loads of false positives when you google it.

And info about the New Art Exchange comes from an email address on the domain which took a while to parse.  I first read it as Thane Wart Exchange, which seemed to be a good way of getting herpes from MacBeth rather than a centre for art excellence.


One comment on “Art in Nottingham

  1. Rob L says:

    It’s one better than “the new wart exchange”, which is what I read.

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