Amazing sunset tonight

There was a peculiar orange tint reflecting on the buildings in the city centre, but driving mostly eastwards on my way home I didn’t see the actual sunset, a really striking blood red, until I turned into my street


The photo is OK, but it barely does the natural colours justice.


2 comments on “Amazing sunset tonight

  1. Dave Webster says:

    I live in Durham and both on Sunday and Monday the sunset was incredible and “weird” – about the only way I can describe the feeling. The western sky went through phases of diffuse yellow, orange and red whilst the eastern sky turquoise green and various blues with a crystal-clear moon. On Sunday I remarked to my wife the view down our street looked like a Maxfield Parrish painting, with such an unreal clarity and strangeness of illumination levels – there’s a famous album cover, can’t remember which, that shows a light sky, street light on, but with a dark street. Last night, Monday, the same diffuse yellow glow seen through winter branches looked like a Caspar David Friedrich painting.

  2. Elaine Hamby says:

    D Wheeler, I think you’re thinking of the Jackson Browne album cover for “Late For the Sky”.

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