Everyone wants me to go on holiday

Suddenly, I seem to be making a huge number of holiday plans.

Friends want to spend Whit week camping in Yorkshire.

More friends on Thingbox are suggesting we head to Glencoe for a week’s camping in midge country. And/Or Shell Island with Out. And/Or maybe Pembrokeshire.

Then some of P’s friends work as holiday reps on Crete, and we wanted to visit them at work.

A really interesting offer has also arisen to go and see Munich again – I’ve not been there since I was 14 or so. Munich is quite tricky to get to by budget airlines, but someone came up with a wheeze to fly Ryanair from EMA to Salzburg and take the ICE to Munich. It’s less than two hours and less than €30. Or… if we end up flying to Crete, and flying is bad, mm’kay… Munich would be about 12 hours by rail from Nottingham. 12 hours on a train! It’s an incredible three changes – Nottingham -> London -> Paris Nord -> Paris Est -> Muenchen. I’m guessing that would be quite a lot more expensive as well as time consuming. But it could be the test trip using Eurostar from St Pancras, which I am very keen to do.

I still have friends in Sweden and Spain I’m itching to visit. We didn’t go to see our friends in Normandy last year either. Normandy could be another chance to use the Eurostar, but it is a bit of a pain to go all the way to Paris then all the way back out to Caen.

Oh – and all that’s not counting Lib Dem conference – in Liverpool in a few weeks and Bournemouth in the Autumn. I do know people who take tents to conference to save money, but I tend to take a lot of expensive kit like laptops and cameras that I would be nervous about leaving under canvass.

The planet is too big, and time and money are too short.

One comment on “Everyone wants me to go on holiday

  1. Do Spain! Oh to see the sun again…

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