Teacher makes hot pitch

When someone sent me a link to an article titled “Teacher makes hot pitch on Youtube” I assumed it was like one of the lessons I used to have with a slightly insane chemistry teacher who enjoyed playing with dangerous chemicals in a vain attempt at turning his pupils on to science. Actually, I think the pedagogy was secondary to the sheer joy of blowing things up (“Let’s add a fuse made out of magnesium ribbon”).

It came hot on the heels of “5 dangerous things you should let your kids do” which is full of photos of children under 10 really enjoying life doing things like playing with knives, setting fire to things, and driving (all safely supervised, and – probably – safer for experimenting within a framework than over-protectively cocooned until the day they escape.)

Turns out in fact it’s a video about climate change. Not a bad one, in fact. But nothing to do with molten tar being poured down from castles onto unsuspecting siege soldiers. In wikipedia jargon, I suppose they must have meant “Pitch (film making)” rather than “Pitch (resin)

I was somewhat surprised to see just how many pitches there were, at Pitch (disambiguation).


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