Eep! My ex-boss now runs my party!

I’ve been avoiding commenting publicly on the leadership election since I fell slightly between two posts.  Of my former party employers, one was a candidate and another was a key campaigner for the other guy.

But now it’s all over, I’m delighted it’s Nick Clegg, my former MEP, and my former employer.

I have to say Nick inspired me the first time I met him.  Writing it now seems fawning and mawkish, but it’s true.  He came to Nottingham University and gave a speech to a student society.  I can’t remember what he said, or who he said it to, but I can remember feeling uplifted.  And for the very first time I felt I’d heard a politician who didn’t say a single thing I disagreed with.  I had already joined the Lib Dems at that point, but it wasn’t until then that I became active in the party.
I just hope he has the same effect on hundreds more people.  He has said upfront he wants to spend a day a week in the nation’s town halls talking to real people. this is exactly what needs to happen.

Happy Christmas, Lib Dems – here’s your new leader.

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