4 comments on “A salutary reminder

  1. Rob L says:

    Your link is lacking a “t”, methinks.

  2. niles says:

    Ah, indeed, thanks.

  3. Darren Lacey says:

    Merry Christmas Niles.

    You don’t know me, I am just one of the people that is listening to your audio book recording of H G Wells ‘The Invisible Man’.

    Just wanted to say thanks for a GREAT recording:) Listening to it every night at the moment as I fall asleep:) and your in my Hometown Nottingham (I live nr London now)… I miss Notts. sigh!

    Anyhooo…. thanks for recording the book for me:)

    Have a great crimbo and keep finding inspiration for the Blog and all the best in 2008 chap!

  4. niles says:

    Well, thanks very much chum, and thanks for getting in touch.

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