Extreme weather

Roundabout lunchtime today, the weather station recorded an extreme wind speed in excess of 180kmh.

A brief google suggests that’s the sort of speeds associated with hurricanes, and if we’d had wind like that in my garden, it would probably have to be because the surrounding houses had blown away

An alternative suggestion is that the guys currently building our conservatory were exploring the lower garden on their lunchbreak.

They’ve been quite entertaining to watch during the day, whenever I’ve gone into the kitchen to make a cuppa, or twitched the bedroom curtains to see how high the walls are now.

At one point, they seemed to be having a competition to see who could hold the maximum paper cups in one hand.

There was also a brief but entertaining period whilst an apprentice to tried and make a big bit of rubbish fit in the skip. Sawing it backwards and jumping on it featured. I was watching in case I ended up having to call an ambulance.

I don’t mind. They seem to have got a huge amount done, and seem to have almost finished building the walls.

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