Not only

Not only does Stephen Fry have a blog, but he also chose to go for a WordPress installation.  Good for him.  I haven’t actually read it bcause I’m not particularly sober, and he seems to like to write quite long pieces – not blog posts, but blessays.

I’m sitting in a pub in Oxford that’s also a hotel – a place I found on so that I could go to the gay bellringing tour in Oxford.  Somehow it feels that Fry would approve.

I’m on my third pint, so I can’t guarantee that anything I write now will make any sense in the cold light of day.

The first pint cost £2.50.  The second, of the same ale – London Pride – cost £2.70. I was a bit concerned and told the barguy it had gone up by twenty pence in $respectable_time_for_one_pint. When I went back for my third he told me it cost £2.90, which I thought was highly amusing.

The first two pints have been spent reading an abandoned copy of the Daily Mail.  It’s still vile.  Even when drinking on an empty stomach (because I’ve arrived too late for food and seem to be in a part of Oxford that doesn’t have late nite stores.)

Good grief, is that really the time?  I have to be at Carfax Tower by the crack of dawn tomorrow.

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