Pointless road factoid

Road A ZonesEngland’s major A roads, the A1, A2 etc up to A6 all start in London, with the A1 heading north to Edinburgh, the A2 eastish out to Dover, and so on, clockwise around the capital. Similarly, the A7, A8 and A9 all start in Edinburgh.

(The only one I’ve been on as far as I know is the A9 which goes up to Loch Ness and has many, many stunning views from the road)

The numbering system then works so that all roads beginning A1… start in the chunk of Britain between Edinburgh and Dover, the ones starting A2 are between Dover and Portsmouth and so on.

So it’s particularly interesting that when driving to Nottingham from the M1, we have three roads leading into the city in different sectors: the A453, the A52 and the A610.

Well, I think so, anyway.

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