My cousin got married yesterday, so we spent the day at his wedding with lots of my family. A lovely day, with the reception at Fairlawns – who did a really, really good four course meal: melon, soup, a pot roast blade of beef, and creme brulee. Yum.

Halfway through the proceedings, after the speeches (brief and very touching) but before the evening do, we all trooped outside onto the lawn and released the helium balloons that had decorated the room, with tags tied onto them with well wishes. A nice touch, and a clever seamless way of getting us out of the room while they got it ready for the evening do.

I drank far, far more than I should have done, carrying on well into the night largely with the brides family, long after most people went to bed. I finished at about 3am, with several members of the party keeping going much later.

The following morning, I felt much better than I had any right to – with practically no hangover at all. We had a lovely a breakfast then set off home.

I eventually remembered my camera. I’d left it out of sight in the hotel room which unfortunately meant it went out of mind also, and I had to drive all the way back to the hotel later in the day to retrieve it.

There were one or two nice photos on the camera.

One comment on “Wedding

  1. Chris says:

    Thats what weddings are all about, eat, drink and be merry

    Glad you found your camera


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