Wild kittens living in ski resort

One of the cuter things we saw whilst on holiday was that a family of wild cats was living in the ski resort we stayed in for part of the week.

The resort was pretty empty – the main attraction is obviously the snow, so in the summer months it’s pretty quiet.

And one day going down to our rental car, we saw a small tribe of cats we later discovered were living feral.

One of them was plainly very close to the Siamese bloodline, with the markings and colours and everything, and one of them was a very inquisitive kitten.

Cat clan Ahh!

It didn’t take an awful lot to encourage the little kitten onto my lap. In retrospect, this was probably a bad idea, since you never know whether wild kitties sur le continong have rabies or not. But these sweet little things all seemed too close to domesticated to be rageux.


While I was there, one of the few residents did feed them some scraps, but life can’t be easy for wild cats in the mountains when the snow comes.


What a week to be away!

Cat Pic Week was rolling out automatically whilst I was away in France and Switzerland around Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains.  I set up the posts to come out two-a-day for the week I was away, and hopefully they all came out nice and regularly.

Now, however, normal service will be resumed, and I will once again be posting at random intervals when the whim takes me.

I had a lovely holiday, and will no doubt be writing something about it in the coming hours/days/weeks.  We had plumbing and heating engineers in over the week we were away, and I may well talk about that too.

But first – what a week to leave the country!

The Prime Minister changes – a once in a decade occasion, and only the third time I can remember in my life.

We get a new cabinet, which I haven’t really caught up with – “Home Secretary Jaqui Smith” in a news bulletin caught my attention while I was away.

We have huge amounts of flooding across the country, including some parts of Notts.  I live halfway up a hill, so the flooding here was only that caused by the plumbers.

A terrorist outbreak on the day I flew home actually didn’t make flying any less convenient, once I had been forcibly reminded of the ban on flying with fluids which I thought had been a temporary thing last summer and not a permanent ban.

There are not one, but two Parliamentary by-elections in the offing, called with incredible haste.  I will have to get my diary out and figure out how much time I can afford away.
Ex-PM Blair goes off to be a Middle East Peace envoy, in a move that would have pushed Tom Lehrer out of satire, if he hadn’t already gone when Kissinger got a Nobel Peace Prize.

Pfft.  That’ll teach me to go on holiday.

Cat Pic Week 16

All this week on Niles’s Blog – photos of cats. Mostly my cats.

Balcony cat is watching you take photos


And this concludes Cat Pic Week 2007. Normal service resumes shortly.