What a week to be away!

Cat Pic Week was rolling out automatically whilst I was away in France and Switzerland around Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains.  I set up the posts to come out two-a-day for the week I was away, and hopefully they all came out nice and regularly.

Now, however, normal service will be resumed, and I will once again be posting at random intervals when the whim takes me.

I had a lovely holiday, and will no doubt be writing something about it in the coming hours/days/weeks.  We had plumbing and heating engineers in over the week we were away, and I may well talk about that too.

But first – what a week to leave the country!

The Prime Minister changes – a once in a decade occasion, and only the third time I can remember in my life.

We get a new cabinet, which I haven’t really caught up with – “Home Secretary Jaqui Smith” in a news bulletin caught my attention while I was away.

We have huge amounts of flooding across the country, including some parts of Notts.  I live halfway up a hill, so the flooding here was only that caused by the plumbers.

A terrorist outbreak on the day I flew home actually didn’t make flying any less convenient, once I had been forcibly reminded of the ban on flying with fluids which I thought had been a temporary thing last summer and not a permanent ban.

There are not one, but two Parliamentary by-elections in the offing, called with incredible haste.  I will have to get my diary out and figure out how much time I can afford away.
Ex-PM Blair goes off to be a Middle East Peace envoy, in a move that would have pushed Tom Lehrer out of satire, if he hadn’t already gone when Kissinger got a Nobel Peace Prize.

Pfft.  That’ll teach me to go on holiday.

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