Mad cooking frenzy

Mid-afternoon, I established that P did want feeding today (often at weekends, he prefers to eat very little meals), and took a bit of a stock-take of what was available, then went back to the computer to do a bit more work on a current project.


By 8pm, I was trudging back from the Co-op with a small amount of supplementary ingredients. By 9.30pm, we’d eaten the three-course meal I’d made, and the kitchen was
approaching normal again. Or as normal as it ever gets around here these days.

We had:

warm salad with melon (the one with orange flesh – very very ripe and gorgeous) and bacon, lettuce, cucumber and mini-plumb tomatoes with an elderflower vinaigrette


salmon parcels with onion, red pepper carrot and lemon juice, served with fresh potato wedges and runner beans


apple tart

Cooking it all was a mad nonstop frenzy in this sort of order

  • make pastry (foodprocessor) and put pastry in fridge
  • put bottle wine in freezer
  • peel and chop Bramley apple for base for tart
  • start simmering apple with a little water
  • preheat oven
  • chop potatoes into wedges, put in bowl, add olive oil, paprika, herbs, sesame seeds, mix, leave to steep
  • chop onions, carrots into cubes, slice red pepper into attractive slivers. Juice lemon. Mix together in bowl with herbs, salt and pepper
  • Make foil parcels with bit of frozen salmon, veg mix, bit of butter. Spoon in spare juice after partially closing parcels
  • Put wedges and salmon in oven
  • assemble apple tart: press pastry into buttered flan case, spoon Bramble apple purée over the top, slice 2 dessert apples and arrange over the top. Sieve icing sugar on top, pop in oven
  • chop and fry bacon, prepare runner beans
  • chop cucumber, tomatoes, and melon, wash salad leaves
  • make vinaigrette: equal parts cider vinegar, hazelnut oil, elderflower cordial shaken together in an old jam jar
  • mix vinaigrette with salad, place on leaves, start runner beans boiling
  • serve/eat salad
  • take tart out to cool, wine out of freezer
  • unwrap parcels onto plate, arrange with runner beans and potato wedges, pour wine, serve, eat
  • serve tart

Now all that remains…


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2 comments on “Mad cooking frenzy

  1. Manda says:

    Sounds scrummy (non-vegan ingredients aside) but I really think you should take the shot out of your tomatoes before you eat them.

  2. niles says:

    Can you do foil wrapped tofu parcels? Could easily have used those soy bacon bits, I suppose, and they would have been crunchier than real bacon.

    As for the lead – I will leave the spelling error there so that your comment makes sense 🙂

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