Does it count?

does it count?

Does it count towards your 5-a-day if you eat them all together after midnight in a desperate attempt to get your numbers up? Or if they’re (almost) all fruit? Carrot, apple, kiwi, banana, melon.

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3 comments on “Does it count?

  1. Victoria M says:


    i think so. i also suffer from veg box leftovers. and i only get a box every two weeks – mines from Riverford. they have even started including sprouting sunflower seeds – what the hell!

    did you ever make a carrot cake?

  2. Manda says:

    That’s a vicious looking knife.

  3. niles says:

    Ikea’s finest.

    It was something ridiculous like £1.99 for four knives in a block. Plastic handles, serrated blades. And in spite of all that, they’re best knives I’ve ever had!

    I’ve just been sent some really swanky stainless steel ones in some sort of deal with new saucepans, and I’m slightly reluctant to stop using the cheap ones.

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